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  • Korean Development Ownership Research Second Forum- Financial Resources Ownership Case Study
  • Korean Development Ownership Research First Forum- Policy Ownership Case
  • [Evaluation Study] KGDC Inception of Conducting Ex-post Evaluation Study on Emergency Response and Early Warning System for Disaster Mitigation in Philippines and Sri Lanka
  • [KGDC Column 5] Asian Values and Korea’s Development Cooperation
  • [채용] 사우디아라비아 파견 체육강사 및 전산회계 직원 모집
  • [KGDC News] New Summer Intern Has Joined KGDC
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  • [MOFA Press Release] Foreign Minister Highlights the Role and Importance of Culture for Sustainable Development at a UN High-Level Meeting
  • [Yonhap News] S. Korea pledges 1.2 tln won in overseas aid for 2015
  • [Yonhap News] Park unveils proposals to N. Korea to lay groundwork for unification
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[Cheongwadae News] UN should return to humanist goals, int’l cooperation: president Park


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